About Us

It all began back in 2007 when Creator, Connie Hahne and her husband Erich were making the 5 hour drive home from their cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Connie shared her "crazy" idea about making warm, winter mittens with maps of Michigan's Upper Peninsula on one mitten and the Lower Peninsula on the other. Erich loved the idea and said "You HAVE to do this"!  The rest of the drive flew by as they brainstormed, deciding they would logically be called "Michigan Mittens". While driving over the Mackinaw Bridge, Erich penned the slogan "Always have a MAP on Hand"!

Michigan Mittens have went through many changes over the years. In 2013 Connie, looking for help with product development and a possible partnership, walked into Earth 2 Earth, a Screen Print & Embroidery business located in Downtown Pontiac. There she met the owners Lisa Angelilli & Peter Boyer. Both talented artists and very successful business owners for more than 20 years. Soon after a partnership was formed.

Lisa has created the new signature maps that we proudly use on our mittens today as well as the artwork for our tags, packaging, website and all other promotional pieces. Both Peter & Lisa have helped to reinvent Connie's "Crazy Idea" and Michigan Mittens is flourishing because of it! 

We are very proud of our Michigan Mittens- they are 100% American made! They are knitted and hand cut and sewn in a family owned knitting company in North Carolina - we then finish the mittens in Pontiac, Michigan. We decorate, label assemble and package them in our small Pontiac printing factory. Our mittens are handled by no fewer than 8 American workers!