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ILY Michigan Embroidery Patches

ILY Michigan Embroidery Patches

Are you crafty? Do you like to show off your own style? Do you want to add to your collection?  Show your LOVE for Michigan with these ILY Michigan embroidery patches. Patches are collectable and are  a fun and colorful way to personalize your jackets, hats, bags or whatever you fancy.

Our patches have a heatseal backing (if you have a heat seal press) or you can sew them on for a super secure decoration.


Wikipedia: The ILY is a sign from American Sign Language which, as a gesture, has moved into the mainstream. Seen primarily in the United States and other Americanized countries, the sign originated among deaf schoolchildren using American Sign Language to create a sign from a combination of the signs for the letters IL and Y (I Love You).[1]


$ 7.00